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back for three years, look at your income taxes make sure you don't owe any money and look the i.r.s. will have a job in order to issue people a statement, he's good with me and the i.r.s. or she is good with me and the i.r.s. but they have a work permit. that is not citizenship. they will be in the senate version, for example, it's 10 years, right? they stay in this program for 10 years they work hard they sweat and toil and they learn english, take civics classes, keep their noses clean and contribute to this country and at the end of the 10 years they can say, hey, i did everything required of the program. right? i worked, i raised my children, bought a house, admit me now. and then they'll get a green card. and in the second version, three years a green card they can apply for american citizenship. a lot has been said about the american citizenship. a lot of criticism about how long it takes. look, if i'm a permanent resident of the united states and i apply for my wife, today, depending on what country i'm trying to bing her from, it will take nine to 14 years to bring her h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1